September 22nd

I don’t know how it all came together, but it did.

3 hours of sleep + early morning trip to airport to pick up Mom + multiple failed attempts to paint dinosaurs on treat bags + last-minute photo selection and printing care of Target’s 1-hour photo + dinosaur cake decorating =….success?

The birthday boy wants none of that camera nonsense.

Sooo….my dino cake looked maybe 15% like a dinosaur, and the rest maybe 5% squirrel, 5% armadillo and 75% amorphous blob with sprinkles added for good measure. Presentation of baked goods has never been my strong suit. Deliciousness, yes. Prettiness, no.

I should also add that this feat would never have been possible without (a) my mom, frosting chef and decor expert extraordinaire, and (b) Chris, who became the treat bag/photo collage/run-to-the-store-multiple-times-in-a-panic guru without even complaining. To my delight, Mom also was an expert Conor-wrangler:

Grandma-baby bonding.

Thank goodness.

Also, let me just say that my midnight-to-3a.m. posterboard-cutting skills are truly unrivaled:


Looking at all those baby photos made me uncharacteristically weepy. Good thing there was way too much sugar on hand to power me through.


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