Back in the habit

(note: isn’t that the subtitle of Sister Act 2)?

Well hi, blog! Remember me? SO I did that thing again…

Me: (logs in to WordPress). “I’m gonna update the blog!” (checks date of last post)

Blog: silent

Me: (stress level rising at realization that over a month has passed) “It’s been awhile.”

Blog: silent

Me: “Maybe I should rethink this whole concept that I have going here. It seems overambitious and doomed to failure. What happened October 11th? Or October 29th? And the real question: should I instagram this photo of my foot for dramatic effect?”

Blog: silent

Me: “How is it that all these mommy bloggers I follow have time to do all these posts? And why is their wardrobe just so awesome?” (looks down at food-stained shirt covered in crumbs)

Blog: silent

Me: “This hurts my head. I’m going to check Facebook.” (logs out)

Anyway, on to 3 random photos of my life approximately recently, in no particular order and of no particular importance:

About a month ago I realized that I spend about 8 gajillion hours in the car going to and fro between Minneapolis and exurbia and back for rehearsal and discovered The Audiobook:

Guess which one I finished first?

Um, where have you been all my life??? The Audiobook has been almost as life-changing for me as The Internets. As you can see, I like to mix it up a little. A little Chelsea, a little motivational reading. I love cheesy motivational books. They make me happy. I eat it all up. I wish I were kidding but I’m not.

Also, I have developed a new strategy to get the really important things in life done, such as flipping through cooking magazines while sipping wine: it’s called Ignore The Mess:

Domestic bliss.

You would be amazed at what I can now tolerate with the knowledge that my friend the vacuum cleaner is only a closet away and is surprisingly efficient. Win for Conor, win for me.


Go bananas?

(Blurry) baby in monkey costume. That’s all.