On Paczkis and Other Notables

I recently discovered that 5 of my 6 coworkers had NO IDEA what a paczki was.

Evidently paczkis are not A Thing here in Minnesota the way they are in Michigan.

What? WHAT?

Obviously, I had to remedy this:



The paczki, to the uninitiated, is a Polish Fat Tuesday tradition and is also known as the Most Delicious Jelly Doughnut Ever. Note that I am not Polish. Nor do I like doughnuts, for the most part. But I ADORE paczkis. In my Ann Arbor middle school, Paczki Day was basically a national holiday. Most of the teachers sold them in class, and I think in seventh grade I ate three in one day. That was a pretty great day.

Now that I have educated my coworkers on the all-important paczki, I think I may have pinholed myself into being Paczki Santa for years to come. I suppose that’s not such a bad thing.

Onward and upward, to baby breakdancing training Part 1, aka Conor Finds My Tap Shoes (note: no photo, just a video link–since I’m cheap and won’t pay to upgrade my blog to allow embedded videos):


Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. Still, I think he has promise.

Finally, as charming as this snowy scene might be….

Not cool, snow. Not cool.

Not cool, snow. Not cool.

I cannot wait to GET OUT OF HERE. I want to sleep. On the beach. Our upcoming tropical trip basically makes me feel like this (thanks to coworker Kristina for sending me this horrifying link). Moment 3:06 in is my favorite:


And apparently these are the types of things that I find entertaining when I’ve been up since 3:45 with a wide-awake toddler. Note to self: get more sleep.

Over and out.