Things I Found

After sleeping through most of an unexpected sick day, I took advantage of my remaining toddler-free time by:

Watching Dr. Phil or Judge Judy? Nope.
Treating myself to a soak in the tub or a DIY pedicure? Ha!
Beginning an overly ambitious organization project? Ding ding!

My goal: sort through a few boxes from the garage we had moved to make room for Chris’s new workbench, aka his latest dissertation procrastination strategy/creative outlet. I think I tossed 99% of the boxes’ contents in the recycle (Key takeaways: WHY did I think that saving my coursepack readings from undergrad was worth the space? And how much money did I waste? Seriously, I could have I taken that $67.61 I spent on pesky soc readings and applied them to the finer things in life. Such as delicious treats, or a cute wardrobe. Priorities).

Anyway, amidst the flurry of maniacal paper-purging, I did manage to find a few things that made me smile, such as a receipt of flowers delivered to me when I was studying abroad in 2004:

Pour moi? Mais oui!

Pour moi? Mais oui!

Also from 2004, part of my “Arts and Ideas in the Humanities” midterm that shows, if nothing else, my finely cultivated handwriting. Really, it’s an art that I’m probably a little too proud of:

I remember exactly none of this.

I remember exactly none of this.

And finally, what would college be without an ill-advised creative writing class to produce terrible poetry?

Think deep thoughts.

Think deep thoughts.

I recently started reading Gretchen Rubin’s “Happier at Home” and have decided to follow her lead of displaying the things that make you happy. I think this one is called “Shrine to admirers/good handwriting/entertaining bad poetry.”


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