“Not to brag or anything, but I consider myself very itillegent.”  – Me; written response to “what is one of your best qualities?” in a Q-and-A book.

I started this blog  because I like to write, but mainly because I like to turn my otherwise mundane daily happenings into AMAZING ADVENTURES.

Some things that I feel will really help you get to know me better:

  • I am our family’s designated spider-killer and baby fingernail-trimmer.
  • I cannot push one of those giant kiddie shopping carts at Target to save my life.
  • I enjoy reading blogs about “real food” while downing cans of Diet Coke.
  • I have a talent for starting with gusto, then postponing indefinitely, the following: organizing projects, works of great literature, spiritual quests, exercise plans, and blogging.

Also: I am 29, married for 6 years, and mom to toddler Conor and baby Rory. I work it at work (researching like a champ) and werk it in the dance studio (like the former aspiring Rockette I am). I am frequently covered in noodles and other spills, half of which I cannot blame on my toddler.

Thanks for visiting.


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